Enjoy Adam Sandler Relive Happy Gilmore For The Movie’s 25th Anniversary

One of Adam Sandler’s earliest and biggest hits, the 1996 golf motion picture Delighted Gilmore, was launched in theaters 25 years ago this week. To commemorate the anniversary, Sandler performed his character’s iconic and non-traditional swing in genuine life, while the actor behind the motion picture’s bad guy launched a silly walk-down-memory-lane video as well.In a social media post, Sandler performed Pleased’s renowned swing for the very first time in 25 years– and he nails it. After crushing the drive, Sandler approaches the video camera and taunts Shooter again, “You’re dead, Shooter,” he said.Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter in Happy Gilmore, reacted to Sandler’s video with one of his own.

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