UK Charts: Super Mario 3D World   Bowser’s Fury Release Sales Are 190%More Than The Wii U Version

2021’s fastest selling release yet.We never questioned Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury would succeed. Recently granting it 10/10 stars, 3D World was the last Switch port we ‘d been waiting on from the Super Mario 35 th Anniversary events. So far, it’s doing substantially much better than the Wii U edition, selling 190%more boxed copies at launch in the UK and dethroning Animal Crossing: New Horizons from the number one spot.Considering the Change currently has an 80 million strong userbase– compared to Wii U’s lacklustre 6 million when 3D World launched in 2013– this is hardly unexpected. Releasing on the exact same day as the PS4 in Europe probably didn’t help matters, either. Eventually selling 5.86 million copies in its life time, Super Mario 3D World was the Wii U’s second very popular game, beaten just by Mario Kart 8. An excellent outcome for a Wii U title, however an average one at finest for a primary Super Mario entry.Read the complete article on
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