Hardware Evaluation: The Retro-Bit Prism HD Is Another Excellent GameCube HDMI Adapter

With an included bonus … HDMI output on the GameCube has been around for a while. Back in 2018, we got the rather rough-and-ready GC Video Plug ‘n Play 3.0, which got the job done however came in a rather ugly 3D-printed case. Shortly afterwards there came the EON GCHD adapter (and, not long later on, its follow up), and in 2019 a budget plan alternative got here in the shape of the Insurrection Carby. All of these gadgets utilize the very same GCVideo software, and they all have one noteworthy weak point– updating them to the most recent version of GCVideo needs some degree of disassembly.Enter Retro-Bit’s Prism HD Adapter. It’s also running GCVideo and uses the very same beautiful HD visuals as its rivals, but the essential distinction is that it has a USB-C port on the side which means you can update it easily. It’s likewise running the most recent modification of GCVideo (3.0 e) out of the box, which is good. Oh, and like the Carby, it includes its own remote so you can access GCVideo’s UI more quickly (the GCHD does not use this). Check out the complete post on nintendolife.com
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