Konami shmup Thunder Cross is this week’s Arcade Archives release

It’s shmup time when again, as Hamster reaches into its portfolio of unreleased Game Archives and takes out a Konami classic from the genre’s first golden age, Thunder Cross, which is now offered to download on Nintendo Switch.
Released exclusively in arcades in 1988, Thunder Cross is a horizontally scrolling shmup that is quite common of the era. A couple of players pilot heaven Thunder M-45 and Red Thunder M-45 versus an intergalactic attack from the threatening “Black Impulse.” Our heroes can select from a selection of special weapons prior to fighting their method through 7 phases (two times in a row, as is the Konami fashion.).
Like most of Konami’s timeless shmups, Thunder Cross holds up well today, with satisfying action, ground-breaking parallax-scrolling results, and a normally cool soundtrack. Readily available to download on Nintendo Switch now at around $8, it ought to be noted that the title is also consisted of on compendium release Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection.
Have a look at the action in the video listed below, courtesy of YouTuber Martinoz.

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