WandaVision: Disney ‘s Midnight Streaming Releases Are Bad For Everyone

Like The Mandalorian Season 2 before it, WandaVision must be “occasion television”– a program that everyone you understand, face to face and on social media, is watching at the very same time, developing a communal viewing experience. But by pointlessly adhering to the absolutely arbitrary “midnight release” practice that’s become basic across the streaming landscape, Disney does its fans a disservice. Fans who want to keep up with WandaVision need to stay up into the early hours of the morning every Thursday night, or danger being ruined the following day until they’re able to really take a seat and see each new episode. Meanwhile, fans who do keep up late to catch each episode have to thoroughly tiptoe around discussions for days afterward to prevent spoiling it for others. Everybody is robbed of the social experience that a show like WandaVision need to embody.Of course, this isn’t just a Disney problem. But it’s an even worse issue for Disney than it is for rivals. Yes, Netflix tends to drop entire seasons at midnight. When new episodes of a Netflix show like Cobra Kai Season 3 arrive, the conversation is just temporarily staggered; because all the episodes drop at when, it’s understood that everybody will ultimately capture up, and after a couple of days or a week, the statute on spoilers relaxes. On the other hand, big Disney programs have actually up until now adhered to a standard week-to-week release schedule, exacerbating the issue by drawing it out over weeks and months. Friday after Friday, fans find themselves out of sync with their peers.Meanwhile, other streaming platforms struggle with the exact same concern. Amazon, for instance, dropped each episode of The Boys Season 2 at midnight Pacific time, and released them week-to-week just like Disney does. That was bad enough; all streaming platforms ought to reevaluate this practice. But “event television” shows on the majority of other streaming platforms are reasonably infrequent– mainly thanks to Disney’s total control of a few of the world’s greatest franchises. The issue is worse on Disney because in all likelihood, this is now basically going to be an irreversible fixture in fans’ weeks.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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