Wesley Yin-Poole is Eurogamer’s new editor!

Hello, and happy Friday to you. And a very happy Friday it is for us here at Eurogamer, as we have some exciting staff news to share. The site has a new editor: Wesley Yin-Poole!After over 10 years with Eurogamer, Wes will need no introduction. The former news editor and deputy editor is a reporter of great acuity and integrity, a famed and fearsome interviewer and a no-nonsense, stand-up human being. An actual trained journalist, Wes believes passionately in improving the standards of reporting around video games; he’s also the architect of our internship scheme and a wonderful boss, mentor and friend. I’m really excited to see what he will do with the site.Filling Wes’ boots as deputy editor is our features and reviews editor Martin Robinson. Martin’s been here almost as long as Wes and you will all be familiar with his passionate deep dives into Nintendo, racing games, arcades, the Japanese gaming scene, Flight Simulator, Final Fantasy, Arms and, well, absolutely everything else. Martin is a brilliantly direct critic with a peerless knowledge of and depthless love for the medium of video games. He’s the heart and soul of Eurogamer and crucial to the creative direction of the site.Read more
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