Video: How Pokémon Snap Replaced Its Blockbuster Collaboration On Wii & Wii U

Next slide please, professor.With New Pokémon Snap on the horizon, we can be sure much of you are itching to share the various pictures you take around the new Lental area, but things weren’t always so simple in the olden days.The original Pokémon Snap had quite a marketing project when it introduced in 1999; in partnership with Blockbuster Video, Nintendo introduced ‘Pokémon Snap Stations’ in taking part Smash hit stores around the globe, enabling gamers to print their favourite shots from the Nintendo 64 game. All you had to do was bring your cartridge to a Hit store, purchase a Pokémon present card, insert your cartridge into the Snap Station and finally all of your digital snaps could be printed into the real world. This would definitely have actually made you the most popular kid at school.Read the full short article on
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