Retro metroidvania Cathedral ventures onto Change next week

Metroidvania fans, or simply those who dig an old school challenge, may want to take heed that Decemberborn Interactive’s old-school platform adventure Cathedral will come bouncing onto Nintendo Change next week, sword in hand. Wannabe heroes will have the ability to pick up Cathedral from the eShop for around $15, with an useful 20%discount rate for those who pre-order.
Initially released on PC in 2019, Cathedral remembers the heady days of 8-bit platform experiences, as a brave knight awakens to find themselves caught in a vibrant world filled with dangers and threats. Teaming up with a spirit guide called “Soul,” it is up to you to direct our hero to the spread essential orbs that will unlock the secrets of their past, and ideally offer a path back to their future.
Including a large map of over 600 spaces, lots of opponents to slay and traps to work out, employer characters, reasoning puzzles, and a cast of friendly and not-so-friendly NPCs – all backed by a delightfully retro score – Cathedral appears like a terrific way for traditional gaming fans to invest a weekend or more. You can take a look at a brand-new trailer from publisher Elden Pixels below.

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