Mini Review: PUSS!

A hair away from sadism.Remember that scene in the 1971 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where the tour group take a boat flight through a psychedelic tunnel? Remember how entirely terrifying it was (still is)? Now envision such lunacy applied to a whole computer game; that’s pretty much what you get with PUSS! Billed by developer teamCOIL Studio as an ‘avoid-em-up’ puzzle video game, you’re needed to navigate a series of complex maze-like phases, preventing every wall and challenge on your way to your objective. Oh, and you likewise occur to be a cat.We must most likely elaborate on why PUSS! can be considered pure problem fuel. The visual design for the game is heavily dependent on psychedelic colours, abstract shapes and objects, and a soundtrack that’s composed primarily of odd noises, whispered voices (sometimes speaking in totally various languages), and static. It’s really rather disturbing in the exact same way the tunnel scene was in Willy Wonka, just here it’s sustained over extended periods of time. Don’t go into PUSS! expecting adorable kitties and pretty rainbows, because this ain’t it.Read the full article on
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