Review: Little Problem II

Little Nightmares II has this amusing strength to it that’s as enjoyable to see as it is to play.
The formula is no secret, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Time and time again, you’re going to slowly, safely get a lay of the land– and a few impossible-to-ignore peeks of some big nasty brute in charge– before needing to fetch a secret in plain sight or otherwise trigger some racket to advance. It’s a mad dash to sculpt your way through an obstacle course with a boogeyman breathing down your neck.
You can strike the point of “too many deaths” and, in spite of understanding what you require to do, still stop working to pull it off, shattering the environment. I struggled with this feeling in Little Nightmares, but I avoided it in Little Problem II.
The sequel is larger, more elaborate, and better balanced– whatever I was wishing to see.

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