Please Let Indie Devs Make Star Wars Games

Electronic Arts’ exclusivity rights to making Star Wars video games has actually come to an end as LucasArts has opened its portfolio to other studios– in reality, The Department 2 designer Enormous Home entertainment has already announced it’s producing an open-world Star Wars video game. There are so numerous more interesting opportunities, and I hope LucasArts picks to let a few indie studios take a stab at Star Wars to understand them.I have no doubt that Huge can create a great Star Wars video game, but I likewise assume it will cater to the strengths and gameplay systems that Ubisoft studios currently understand offer well. I’m prepared to wager that this brand-new game will be another open-world action video game with RPG mechanics and an ability tree that stars a character who can be a man or female and has adequate side missions to keep audiences playing for over 30 hours– and then painted as Star Wars.

By admin