Mundaun is among 2021’s most promising horror video games and it’s out in March

Folk scary is a rarer sight in gaming than it should be, which’s a big part of why I’ve been keeping tabs on Mundaun, a horror-adventure game from solo creator Michel Ziegler. The setup– “an alpine world where truth and misconception intertwine”– is cool. The penciled-in 3D art design is even cooler.
After our last check-in with Mundaun, we have a date: March 16,2021 And it’ll be playable (nearly) all over: Nintendo Change, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and the Legendary Games Store.
This designer video helps present Michel Ziegler and his creative procedure. It fasts.

At one point, Ziegler flaunts his workflow for lining up hand-drawn sketches with 3D character designs, and he nonchalantly points to a freaky long-fingered bunny male as an example. “As a player, you will never ever see him from this close and live, I think. Or maybe you will. I do not understand.”
Mundaun is his “first full-length game,” and it’s being backed by publisher MWM Interactive.

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