Pokemon Masters Ex’s newest Assistance Rally will assist gamers raise Skyla & Swanna to 6-Star Ex

DeNA has remained in a generous state of mind lately in Pokemon Masters Ex, offering a myriad of Gems over the previous couple of weeks, a trend that doesn’t seem stopping right now either. They’ve just recently started a brand-new log-in perk that promises more Gems along with a Sync Set Support Rally to coincide with a new Sync Set having 6-Star EX unlocked.

The pair in concern is Skyla & Swanna, among the game’s most popular pairings thanks largely to the White Bird Pokemon’s excellent recovery capacity in addition to useful Defense and Speed enthusiasts. Through the continuous Assistance Rally, you’ll have the ability to raise the set to 6-Star EX before the event concludes on February 18 th. … [MORE]
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