Meet Tiger Lake H35, Intel’s brand-new bid for ultraportable gaming laptop computers


Intel is carving out a brand-new ultraportable gaming section with a specific variant of its 11 th-gen Tiger Lake Core chips, known as the H35– matched by a new “Unique Edition” brand name and even a desktop-like, 8-core H-series chip that will debut later on this quarter, appealing huge bandwidth.Intel also said that it would bring Tiger Lake to Chromebooks, complete with Thunderbolt capabilities. Intel rounded out its note pad PC announcements for CES 2021 by including some more choices to its existing 10 th-gen processor lineup.Traditionally, Intel’s notebook offerings have broken down into Y-series chips for the thinnest of note pads, and tablets; U-series processors for mainstream note pads, and the H-series processors for thicker, much heavier gaming devices.

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