Intel takes on Ryzen with Rocket Lake S and the Core i9-11900K


Intel debuted its next-generation 11 th-gen “Rocket Lake S” desktop Core chips at CES 2021 on Monday, boasting that its flagship Core i9-11900 K processor uses a 19 percent performance enhancement over the prior generation, and with gaming efficiency that measures up to AMD’s most effective Ryzen chip.Intel’s Core i9-11900 K does take an action back: Intel’s 10 th-gen Core i9-10900 K provided 10 cores and 20 threads. The new i9-11900 K wields simply 8 cores and 16 threads instead, at turbo speeds up to 5.3 GHz (single core) and a slower 4.8 GHz (all cores) than the i9-10900 K used.

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