HP makes 2 cool corporate laptop computers: the Elite Dragonfly G2 and Dragonfly Max


The HP Elite Dragonfly was currently the coolest business laptop (or the only cool business laptop computer?) when it was presented over a year back, and now there are 2. HP has actually introduced a second generation: the Elite Dragonfly G2, and the Elite Dragonfly Max, the latter fine-tuned for our new workdays of serial videoconferencing.Like the initial Elite Dragonfly, the two brand-new designs are impressively lightweight 360- degree convertibles, starting at 2.2 pounds for the Elite Dragonfly G2 (like the original) and 2.49 pounds for the Elite Dragonfly Max. The helpful Tile module is still readily available, now incorporated into the WLAN module. The distinctive, somewhat iridescent-blue, CNC magnesium shell is still the only color for the Elite Dragonfly G2. The Elite Dragonfly Max can be found in that color or a new one, a slightly iridescent black. The Max also boasts some extra functions tuned for videoconferencing, which you’ll see as we walk through the feature list.To read this post completely, please click here
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