Jaleco’s adorable classic Rod Land is today’s Game Archives release

Here’s a delightful blast from the past. The retro fans over at Hamster has chosen Jaleco’s sickening charming single-screen platformer Rod Land as this week’s Arcade Archives release.
Launched in arcades in 1990, before swiftly making the transition to a wide range of home platforms, Rod Land is simple-but-fun platformer in the vein of titles such as Bubble Bobble, Tumble Pop!, and Snow Bros. In Rod Land, one or two gamers control wonderful kids Tam and Rit on a quest to rescue their mommy (the required attractive anime damsel) from the top of a monster-filled tower.
Tam and Rit select their way through each screen, utilizing their magical wands to suppress and/or knock the roaming enemies while collecting sufficient flowers to complete the phase. Like numerous games of this ilk, gathering numerous covert products will increase Tam and Rit’s abilities, while collecting the letters “EXTRA” will see the duo granted an extra life from a fairy goddess. Today, Rod Land still holds up as an enjoyable, if simple game platformer, thanks mainly to its fun pixel art and charming sense of style.
Rod Land is readily available to download now on PS4 and Nintendo Change, priced at around $8. You can take a look at the video game in action listed below, thanks to retro video gaming YouTuber Janet.

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