Hands on with the very first HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor, the Eve Spectrum

15 months after we first covered the crowd-designed Eve Spectrum video gaming display, the first pre-production samples have actually started shipping. This is our first chance to see how the Spectrum, once promoted as the very first HDMI 2.1 display to arrive on the market, really searches in the flesh and performs in-game. Our sample is the $689 4K 144 Hz version, the ‘flagship’ of a lineup that likewise includes more budget-friendly 1440 p 165 Hz ($439) and 1440 p 240 Hz ($589) alternatives, all based around 27- inch IPS panels. Eve also shipped us a stand, which is offered individually for $99 – in reaction to the large percentage of Eve neighborhood members that said they ‘d be utilizing the screen’s 100 x100 VESA mount with their own screen arms. That brings the list price to $788 in overall. The amount’s not unreasonable, when the likewise specced LG 27 GN950 is $800 with fewer functions, however it is worth factoring in when comparing this screen versus its competitors which inevitably do come with stands (unless they’re made by Apple). We were warned out of the gate that the Spectrum we received would be some range from the last retail variation, which’s absolutely the case – our system’s HDMI 2.1 functionality does not work at all (based upon screening with a PS5, Xbox Series X and an RTX 3080 PC) and even on DisplayPort we were restricted to 4K 144 Hz with chroma subsampling (specifically, the monitor is currently outputting only 4:2:2 rather than complete 4:4:4). According to Eve CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis, apparently the Spectrum screens were working fine at full RGB using DisplayPort on RTX 30- series graphics cards like the 3080 and 3090, but the Spectrum showed artifacting with other GPUs, thus the chroma subsampling substitute. With concerns to the HDMI 2.1, obviously the hardware is fully capable but the certification process is still underway. Offered how central HDMI 2.1 has actually remained in Eve’s marketing, we ‘d anticipate these functions to be working effectively for launch.Read more
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