Cblogs of 1/3 to 1/8/2021: Aquanox, Mega Man, and FMV games

Cblogs Wrap-up: Week 1

– Lord Spencer reviews Croc: Legend of the Gobbos as part of his PS1 EVALUATES blogging series.
– Kerrik 52 reviews Tomb Raider (2013) as part of his Tourist in Playtime reviews series.
– Gamingnerd explores the history of FMV video games and marvels if there is more capacity to be revealed in that genre.
– Xeelwarbeast evaluates Aquanox: Deep Descent, a subaquatic FPS.
– Black Red Gaming begins collecting the best computer game entries of all time.
– Sapato64 evaluates five community-created Mega Man levels.
– NinjaSpeed wonders what is next for the Splatoon franchise.

– Brett Makedonski bids farewell to Destructoid after investing lots of great years as a writer on the site. Good luck in all your future ventures Brett.
– Exber discusses his journey to ending up being a player who likes blogging about games.
– PatBateman17 reviews his 2019 reading achievements.
– ChronoLynxx is back with another open TGIF neighborhood thread.

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