Fallout 76 is getting a new beginning in 2021 with another lifestyle upgrade test

The brand-new year has begun, and Bethesda is back to work.
On what? Highlighting the new Senior citizen Scrolls in a reasonable amount of time? Giving us considerable info on Starfield? No! Fallout 76 of course!
A new “Inside the Vault” blog site provides us an idea of what’s to come in early January; most significantly a new public test server (PTS) round. This time it’s focused yet once again on lifestyle enhancements, as more content is still slated to come with the second drop of the Steel Dawn update.
At this point your stash will increase to 1,200 pounds (big if real), and “armor” as well as “food/drink” tabs will be included to the Pip-Boy. Bethesda calls it a big action forward for this specific element of the game, and I have to concur.
That stated, expect some bugs even beyond the PTS. The video game’s structure apparently topples whenever something like this is fine-tuned, so if you observe anything awry, definitely hit up the correct channels for reporting that sort of details.
All of it simply kicked off, and Bethesda reminds folks that if you have the video game through the Bethesda launcher on PC, you immediately have gain access to.
Best of luck with the prolonged beta testing!
Inside the Vault[Bethesda.net]

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