This champion produced a website to track My Nintendo physical rewards

In case you forgot, My Nintendo has actually been using up physical rewards for a couple of months now. Unless you check the site every day, it’s tough to keep track of whatever.
Found on Reddit from user RootBearr, the tracker essentially takes care of everything. It showcases every currently readily available physical benefit, shows the Platinum Point expense, and apparently shows the existing stock of the item. It updates “every 10 minutes” automatically, and you can opt to have in-browser alerts poke at you when something modifications.
As far as “in development” functions go, they want to eventually broaden the notice system and possibly develop an app for it. RootBearr is in fact testing European functionality right now.
Terrific timing! We recently released an enormous thorough guide for all things My Nintendo. Use it in conjunction with this tracker site!
Rewards[My Nintendo Rewards Items via Reddit]

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