The Call of Responsibility: Warzone name has actually totally changed ‘Modern Warfare’ on PC

Chances are if you’re playing Call of Task: Modern Warfare still, you’re most likely playing the fight royale Warzone element. Activision is relying on that too, as they’ve entirely converted the “Modern Warfare” launcher listing into “Warzone.”.
Yep, beyond the small little “MW” logo near the giant “Warzone” letters, future gamers would pretty much never know that Modern Warfare was provided on the launcher at first glimpse. The relocation actually occurred in late December, but a lot of folks went to boot up their video game over break and simply saw the shift (or their launcher wasn’t totally upgraded yet).
This is successfully just a rebranding. Modern Warfare still exists, but it has taken a rear seat to Activision’s effort to make Warzone as popular as Fortnite. Some fans are mixed on the shift, asking Activision to make Warzone a different app. Others, still fans of Modern Warfare multiplayer proper, are upset that their game is essentially being left in the dust.
Having played every modern Call of Task considering that … the initial Modern Warfare however, this is a sort of natural state for this series. Activision moves on to the new hotness and seldom lingers, unless the game is an enormous hit and they can keep pumping DLC into it for a time. Warzone is among the most significant breakouts they’ve had in the history of the franchise, creating as much buzz as zombies when it was very first released; so focusing on it is a no-brainer.
Still, totally eclipsing the Modern Warfare name that a great deal of designers dealt with just seems unusual.
Call of Responsibility: Warzone[ via PC Gamer]

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