PlayStation remains in ‘Definitive Decline’ in Japan Following Lackluster PS5 Introduce, According to Expert

The PlayStation brand has seen a decline in popularity in Japan for many years with the PlayStation 4 not matching the sales of the PlayStation 3 in the country. The PlayStation 5 released in Japan on the first day, however, it has just sold about 242,000 systems as of December20 This is the worst ever for the launch of a PlayStation system, aside from the PSP..
ACE Economic Research study Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda talking to GamesIndustry states that the PlayStation brand name remains in “decisive decrease” in Japan and that Sony is not putting sufficient effort into offering the PlayStation in Japan..

” Early PS5 trends have revealed that the PlayStation brand in Japan is in decisive decrease and Ace Economic Research study Institute can not help however be dissatisfied,” Yasuda stated.
” Taking a look at today situation, in which Sony (SIE) has failed to ship sufficient PS5s to Japan for the year-end shopping season, we can not help however be deeply worried for the future of the PlayStation market in Japan.”.

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