Dishonored and Victim Group Dealing With Unannounced Video Game

Arkane Studios is best known for its work on Dishonored and Prey and is currently establishing Deathloop and on an unannounced video game..
Harvey Smith, the developer of Dishonored and who also dealt with Prey, in an interview with Vandal (and equated by ResetEra) stated he isn’t dealing with Deathloop and is dealing with the group who made Dishonored and Take advantage of an unannounced game..
” Dinga Bakaba [game director] and S├ębastien Mitton [art director] are with them [at Lyon], but I dealt with them on Dishonored 1 from Austin,” said Smith. “We worked together between Lyon and Austin for the first Dishonored and after that for Dishonored 2 I relocated to Lyon and was there for 4 years.
” Raph remained in Austin and worked at Prey with Ricardo Bare and Susan Kath and the people I’m dealing with now. At the end of Dishonored 2 I returned to Austin. I’m not in Deathloop, I’m on something else, working with the people who made Dishonored and Victim.”.

Smith included that Microsoft is the best partner with Bethesda when asked about the Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax.
” I believe the process is still unfolding, I can’t say much about it due to the fact that I do not know much either. I would say there has actually been no modification at Arkane so far, however if I were to picture the perfect partner, thinking of all the publishers and individuals I understand who work for them, it would be extremely, really difficult to discover a much better partner for Bethesda than Microsoft. They fit perfectly.”.

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