Shenmue developer Yu Suzuki says his 2021 plans consist of ‘head-to-head fights,’ a ‘follow up’ and ‘shooting/RPGs’

Yu Suzuki will always be a legend for what he managed to craft with the Shenmue series. However a lot of individuals forget that he was one of the primary guys at Sega AM2, pumping out hits like After Burner and Space Harrier; which were featured in Shenmue years later on as game video games.
He’s over 60 years old now, and still apparently has just as much enthusiasm for the market as he performed in the ’80 s: the long road to get Shenmue III made is evidence of that. So what’s next after that abovementioned revival? Well, hopefully more Shenmue so we can actually see the story through! It’s been over 20 years, after all.
As far as the immediate future goes however, things might get a bit wacky over at his studio, Ys Internet. He recently overtook Famitsu to slightly tease what’s being available in 2021, and his keywords were “shooting/RPG.” Okay … I can arrange of follow that.
He then consequently shared his ambitions for 2021, which are “reflect on head-to-head fights,” and the phrase “sequel.” The sequel is most likely Shenmue IV, but I wonder if the “shooting” part is Suzuki getting bit by the fight royale bug.
Either way, there are seemingly strategies, and Shenmue III didn’t bankrupt the studio (Suzuki said its performance was “great” previously this year). I’m enthusiastic for what we see next.
End of Year Creator Interviews [Famitsu via Gematsu]

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