Koei Tecmo designer: ‘2021 is the 20th anniversary of the Deadly Frame series, so Iâ $ d like to celebrate it in some way if possible’

Koei Tecmo has huge plans next year for what is efficiently the 40 th anniversary of the business (their very first video game debuted in 1982 under Koei).
Talking to Famitsu, several Koei Tecmo designers laid out their vague prepare for 2021 without ruining much. Junzo Hosoi of Atelier manufacturer (and artist) fame states that the Gust brand will “handle numerous difficulties” next year, including a “cross-media job.” They likewise prepare to reveal more games that they could not this year..
Fumihiko Yasuda, who works on the Nioh series, implies that Nioh is provided for now: “At Group Ninja, the 7 years-long advancement of Nioh series will reach a resting point.” Kenichi Ogasawara states that there will be a “title ideal for [the milestone of the 40th anniversary]” coming in 2021, which is a quite huge tease.
The juiciest remark of them all had to come from Keisuke Kikuchi, who has worked on lots of video games at Koei Tecmo; amongst them, Fatal Frame. Kikuchi notes, “2021 is … the 20 th anniversary of the Deadly Frame series, so I want to commemorate it in some method if possible.”.
“In some way” is crucial here folks: don’t get your hopes up for a complete game. At least it’s something!
End of Year Developer Interviews [Famitsu via Gematsu]

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