Resident News Station In Oregon Mistakes Red Dead Screenshot For Nature Photography

As computer game get a growing number of practical, it ends up being harder for an inexperienced eye to distinguish screenshots and real-world pictures. The current victim of this error is Oregon regional news station NewsChannel 21, who published a spectacular Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot in its ‘Out & About’ nature photography segment.The image first appeared on Reddit, with the catch happily shared by the father of the individual accountable for the fake-out. “My child sent another photo into our local TV station … from Red Dead Redemption 2 for their “Out & About” segment …” the post checks out. “And as soon as again they fell for it!” A lady keeps sending my local news station screenshots of the landscape from Red Dead Redemption 2 for their “Out and About” news sector … and they keep putting it on the news thinking it’s a picture. Bella, I salute you.– &#x 1f538; queenie &#x 1f538; (@frenziedandfine) November 29, 2020 The screenshot still exists in a video of the segment published to NewsChannel 21’s YouTube channel, which has built up a number of comments satirizing the screenshot’s inclusion.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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