Nintendo Enlists Brie Larson And Awkwafina To Broaden Change’s Reach This Christmas

The stars display why Switch is the must-have console.You could argue that any money Nintendo spends on marketing the Switch this Christmas is a waste, considered that the console is selling like hotcakes and awareness is currently super-high, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the hybrid system now has two next-gen competitors to contend with– and with that in mind, Nintendo has started presenting the sort of far-flung marketing material that was prevalent throughout the heady days of the DS and Wii.Nintendo has actually enlisted the help of Hollywood star and self-proclaimed Animal Crossing fan Brie Larson for one of its commercials, where she runs through some of her preferred Switch video games. In another advertisement, actress and rapper Nora Lum– better known as Awkwafina– displays why the Switch has actually been such a benefit throughout a year of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Read the full post on
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