Take a look at Zavvi’s Super Mario clothes range celebrating the plumbing’s 35th Anniversary

In honour of Mario’s 35 th Anniversary, seller Zavvi are highlighting an entire new line of clothes themed around the world’s most famous plumber.With 19 pieces in the whole collection, players can browse through tee shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and even an unique varsity coat in the timeless Mushroom Kingdom colours. White and Red correspond styles, albeit smoothed down a little so you’re not as glaringly brilliant as a Toad’s spotted head. There’s also a real retro tone to the entire thing, with more images of old 2D Mario rather of the newer stuff.Not only that, but those who purchase 2 or more items of selected clothing will get a free gift: a choice of Super Mario mugs, with 3 options to choose from: black, white, and the very same Red/White combination as much of the clothing.Read more
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