Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is off to dreamland in brand-new Melody of Secret DLC

Designer Frozenbyte is returning to in 2015’s well-received Trine 4: The Headache Prince for six brand-new stages of side-scrolling platform action, as part of its brand-new Melody of Mystery story DLC, due on PC later this month, and consoles next spring.Trine 4’s three-strong band of heroes – Amadeus, Pontius, and Zoya – returns for Melody of Mystery, this time embarking on an adventure that sees the trio attempting to release the trainees of the Astral Academy, who’ve been ensnared in a captivated slumber.There’s a “suspicious and incorrectly freed spirit” on the loose, according to Frozenbyte, and the occurring adventure – which, as per the base game, can be played co-operatively or otherwise – will include new music and voice performing, updated capabilities, and “fresh puzzles incorporating brand-new elements like sheets of ice, torches, magnets, and crystals”. A few of that gets and airing in the generally gorgeous teaser trailer below.Read more
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