Evaluation: Astro A20 Wireless Gen 2

As of today, I’m officially living in a three-console home. With the arrival of my Xbox Series S, I’m about to expand my gaming horizons and experience those treasures I have actually missed for the last two decades. Or I’ll simply download Pinnacle Legends and play absolutely nothing but that.
In any case, a new console suggests more controllers, less space on my TELEVISION stand, and having to go back to a wired headset. I don’t mind wires, however the past a number of months of using my Astro Gaming A50 headset has let me really enjoy the liberty of a wireless experience. That’s a terrific headset, however I’m not truly in the mood for purchasing another wireless headset just for my Series S. Wouldn’t it be best if there was a wireless headset that could quickly change in between a PlayStation and Xbox?
Yes, it would be. Just an embarassment this ain’t it.

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