Konami classic Gradius II is this week’s Arcade Archives release

Hamster Corp. continues in its ongoing efforts to deliver a weekly string of timeless arcade titles to modern-day platforms. This week’s release is among the coolest shmup titles from Konami’s golden era, Gradius II, now available to download on Nintendo Switch.
Hitting arcades in 1988, Gradius II (or “Vulcan Vulture”) is the follow up to one of the most iconic and prominent area shmups of all-time. As soon as again, the swift and super-powered fighter, Vic Viper, requires to the skies to fight the residues of the once-defeated Bacterion Empire. Combining aspects of the original Gradius and its 1986 spin-off Life Force, Gradius is another slick, action-packed shmup, still holding its own decades later on.

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