Grounded’s underwater-themed koi pond update is now live for everybody

Following a period of pre-release scrutiny by means of its Public Test Server, Obsidian’s inch-high survival experience Grounded has actually lastly released its koi pond update – which presents a host of brand-new underwater-themed animals and mechanics – to all on Xbox and PC.Grounded’s koi pond update, unsurprisingly, opens up the tantalising expanse of water that’s sat visibly – if inaccessibly – at the bottom of the garden since early access release, bringing a series of undersea pursuits and a prospering sub-surface community to the game in the process.There’s swimming and underwater battle, and one very mean koi to come to grips with – although that’s not the only brand-new wildlife to be found in the update. Obsidian has likewise crafted tadpoles, non-hostile water boatman, diving bell spiders, and a revamped version of the formerly released water flea to breathe life into its brand-new underwater world.Read more
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