PlayStation exec says he’s anticipating VR video games that make the ‘finest usage’ of the PS5

How early is prematurely to begin thinking of what’s next for PlayStation VR on PS5?
Not that I’m eagerly anticipating dropping hundreds more on a brand-new headset so right after buying a PlayStation 5, but I am delighted by the potential leap forward for console-based VR. We have actually seen such terrific strides in the PC VR space, and as a passionate PSVR supporter, I’m awaiting it to catch up.
While PlayStation VR is supported on PS5, things have been fairly muted up until now, all things considered. For one, the hardware does not simply work out of the box– you need to ask for a free adapter (mine appeared this morning) before you can review your old PS4 VR favorites on PlayStation 5.
On that note, while we have actually heard a lot about PS5 boosts for PS4 games, there hasn’t been much to state about PSVR games being considerably much better on PS5. One exception: Blood and Fact. On PS5, it’ll support a higher resolution and framerate (” up to 90 FPS”) and better property and texture details.
Preparation to play #BloodAndTruth on #PS 5? Our newest upgrade ways you currently have the brand-new enhancements for next gen to make the experience EVEN BETTER! ð ” ¥— PlayStation London Studio (@LondonStudioHQ) November 9,2020
Another point worth raising: Hitman 3 and No Guy’s Sky are getting PS5 variations, however when it comes to the VR modes, you’ll need to stick to the PS4 variations even if you’re playing on PS5. Simply put, the present PlayStation VR design is supported on PS5 as a backward-compatible gadget.
Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation’s Senior Vice President of Platform Planning & Management, recently spoke with AV Watch about this subject. The interview sheds light on why things are the way they are.
” For those customers that purchased a PSVR and own a PS5, the concept of not having the ability to connect a piece of software application is ridiculous,” Nishino told AV Watch in an interview translated by Video Games Chronicle. “And we are thinking there is benefit in [PS5’s] efficiency increase too.”.
When it comes to what the future holds for PlayStation VR as a platform, Nishino stated his current response would be that he’s “eagerly anticipating VR video games that truly make the best usage of the PS5.”.
Nishino said that he “can’t comment any even more than that,” however he does have “high expectations.”.
What does that mean from a timeline viewpoint? In late October, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan told The Washington Post that “Sony thinks in VR”– however he believes “we’re more than a few minutes from the future of VR.”.
” We absolutely think at some point in the future, VR will represent a significant element of interactive home entertainment,” Ryan stated. Will it be next year? And we’re very pleased with all the experience that we have actually gained with PlayStation VR, and we look forward to seeing where that takes us in the future.”.
I wish to see them knock it out of the park. If that takes a couple more years, I’m ready to wait.
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