House of Ashes seems like The Descent, except it’s set in a buried Sumerian temple

The Dark Pictures Anthology has at least one more story left. After teasing the 3rd video game inside Little Hope with an out-of-context premonition series and a post-credits teaser trailer, it’s official: Supermassive is bringing Home of Ashes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in2021

From a ghost ship to a witch town to a buried Sumerian temple– I like the range.
As if the trailer didn’t already shriek “The Descent” at the top of its lungs, in today’s statement, Supermassive referred to Home of Ashes’ risk as “a nest of ancient and unearthly creatures.”
The game is set in 2003, in Iraq, and the lead is Rachel King, a CIA field operative. During a military skirmish, friendly forces and opponents alike plunge into the darkness as an earthquake opens up sinkholes.
Simply based on that facility alone, I believe House of Ashes has the strongest anxiety-inducing capacity up until now. Supermassive has actually tried to ride the line between the real and the supernatural in The Dark Pictures Anthology, and now that players have captured onto the pattern, I’m hoping for some smart subversion.
If not, I’m still along for the ride, and I’m curious to see where the Manager’s story is heading.

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