GameSir G4 Pro Controller review

We don’t see mobile controllers that work for a variety of gadgets frequently enough. If you resemble me, you currently have dozens of controllers for console and PC, in addition to a reasonable few mobile controllers and accessories. And I have many because there aren’t numerous controllers which do everything I need. I need fight sticks for battling games, and I require Gamecube controllers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I need Xbox controllers for my PC and Xbox, and of course, I need PlayStation controllers for my PC, PS3, and PS4 – perhaps PS5 too, one day quickly. And that list overlooks the pad I’ve used on mobile for many years.

When a controller comes along and promises to replace several of the gizmos I have to handle, I celebrate. I love the idea of condensing whatever I need from all of these controllers into a single device – it’s practically as great as when reputable electronic cameras started getting consisted of in phones by default. And the GameSir G4 Pro has actually waded into my life and has actually promised to replace my Nintendo Switch Pro, Android, PC, and iOS controllers. Can it do everything it wants to? … [MORE]
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