Cblogs of 10/31 to 11/6/2020: Uncharted, Final Dream IX, and DK Beats

Cblogs Recap: Week45

– Shoggoth2588 introduces November’s Band of Bloggers is all about Emergent Gameplay Obstacles.
– Shoggoth2588 reacts to October’s Band of Bloggers prompt about Darkness with a blog about the dark tone of Max Payne.
– Black Red Gaming shares his list of many prepared for games in November.
– LaTerry reacts to October’s Band of Bloggers trigger about Darkness with a blog about the multi-player scary video game Phasmophobia.
– Kerrik52 evaluates Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as part of his Traveler in Playtime examines blog sites.
– Queen of Viewpoint evaluates the outbound generation of video games, which had some fantastic games and some not so excellent video games as well.
– GamingDadDiary believes that Watch Pets: Legion might be a bit excessive at these times.
– Dinoracha evaluates The Flower Collection detective secret games.
– Black Red Gaming returns to explore the controversial video game, Hatred, and see the impact one mod can make.
– Eggrollbuddy shares his ideas regarding the magica minutes of Final Fantasy IX.
– NinjaSpeed thinks a Sega All-Stars dancing game would be excellent.

– TheBlondeBass shares the outcomes of the most recent Destructoid Draws community contest, inspect it out.
– PhilsPhindings talks about the similarities between the soundtrack of Donkey Kong Nation soundtrack and Jazz music.
– Somniferous believe that mods of social channels can be outrageous in some cases.
– Infosearcher debates whether Sonic or The Flash would win in a race.
– PhilsPindings goes over the resemblances in between the soundtrack of Gradius 3 and some ’50 s popular song.
– Yue Chan wrote a narrative and you can check out and comment here.
– Taterchimp announces a variety of Dtoid community streams for Extra Life.
– Rico the Penguin show us an idea of his blogging prepare for the future.
– ChronoLynxx opens another TGIF open forum for community conversation.

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