Review: Descenders

Roguebike.RageSquid’s Descenders, which originally released into early access on PC all the method back in 2018, has actually always felt like it might be a pretty good suitable for the pick-up-and-play nature of Nintendo Change. A distinct roguelite offering that swaps the drab dungeon fight usually favoured by the genre for viciously quick downhill cycling, its fast and addictive level design appears a perfect match for dipping in and out of in portable play.When it was lastly revealed that the video game would undoubtedly be heading our method, the only genuine issue we had was whether we ‘d wind up with a port that might manage the intensity of its extreme mountain biking experience without becoming a slideshow and– thanks to some required graphical downgrading– what we’ve got here is a version that definitely delivers in this regard.Read the full post on
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