Corsair HS60 Haptic headphones checked: Make your PC video games rumble!


Want to get more immersion out of your PC gameplay? Imagine this: You’re aiming down the sights of a rifle in Call of Responsibility, straining to track the player who’s been sniping you from afar and get him in your crosshairs. Suddenly a barrage of missiles drizzle down from overhead, blanketing your location in explosions and vibrating your headphones with a long, low rumble. Not just have you lost your target however your heart is racing from the extreme sounds originating from the battleground, actually shaking your head.Corsair’s $130 HS60 Haptic headphones have rumble motors– like the ones found in gaming controllers– constructed into each earcup. They check out the low frequencies coming through the USB connection to your PC and use that to trigger vibrations so you can feel the sound in addition to hear it. The adjustable wheel on the ideal ear cup changes how difficult the rumble pushes (and boy, can it crank) but it depends on the general volume output. Less low end frequencies present in the signal means less vibration intensity, and vice versa.To read this short article in full, please click on this link
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