Warframe will make its next-gen launching on PS5 very first

The most frequent I’ve asked in my various talks with the designers of Digital Extremes is, “Do you have any information on the next-gen variations of Warframe for me?” As the world crept closer to the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, I kept at it, passing away to understand how a video game that looks so excellent on the Switch would look with the power of next-gen innovation.
They never had a response for me. “Nothing to announce on next-gen platforms,” they ‘d state. In truth, they ‘d imitate it wasn’t even in their plans. After getting closed down several times, I thought perhaps Warframe would not see enhancements for next-gen consoles until a couple of months after release. Ends up, I believed incorrect.
Any Warframe players intending on getting a PS5 will more than happy to know Digital Extremes has confirmed the looter shooter will introduce this year on the console with an Xbox Series X/S version planned for at some point after. If you like the appearance of the video game on your PS4 already, prepare to see just how much better it can be.

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