Evaluation: PlayStation 5

Sony definitely killed it with the PS4, didn’t they? I indicate, Microsoft handed them the “W” on a silver plate as quickly as that severe DRM presentation hit.
But something exceptional occurred: Microsoft resisted. Rather of throwing in the towel, they made strides in the backwards compatibility arena that no publisher had done before. All the while, Sony crafted killer exclusive after exclusive, fighting the great battle with the important things that matters most: games. Sony had to work to offer those 112- million-plus units and take a coveted area in the “top 5 all-time best-selling console” list.
This generation, after all of the groundwork laid by Microsoft, we’re poised for a fairer battle. However Sony is truly can be found in swinging yet again with the PS5.
[As this is our second of the two major console reviews, here’s a quick side note. We’ve made both articles fairly uniform, so you can compare and contrast them together.¬†You can find our PS5 unboxing article here.]

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