Steam makes beta testing a lot much easier for designers and players

Large-scale closed playtesting seems like something that can be sort of a pain in the ass to arrange. Developers are usually left to choose hundreds or countless gamers, and disperse unique secrets to each of them individually.
Steam is improving that entire process. Today, Valve introduced Steam Playtest which is a revamping of how beta screening works on Steam.
Here’s how it works: Gamers demand access to a playtest from the video game’s store page. They’re put in a line that the developer has control over.
It’s rather basic, however this isn’t something that needs to be excessively made complex. Playtest seems like it’ll cut down on the trouble of getting individuals into a beta, particularly when you think about that studios no longer have to handle crucial distribution. That execution alone must leave a great deal of designers excited to give Playtest a shot.
Steam Playtest: Welcome Players To Test Your Game[Steam]

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