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With more than 3 millions of copies of Persona 5 delivered worldwide, it’s not surprising to see Atlus effort to milk the title in every possible method. Following Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 5 Royal, the publisher decided to go even further, with a direct follow up to its hit RPG. With the category changing from turn-based RPG to a ‘Warriors’- style action RPG, there was capacity for an explosive response given the remarkable levels of anticipation for anything Persona-related.

Persona 5 Scramble starts off in gorgeous Tokyo in July. Japanese society is at peace following the events of Persona 5 and Joker is able to have a well-earned rest in his home town. Unusual cases are shaking the political sphere again – forged public accounts have been discovered, there are mass resignations in Sapporo’s civil service, and an author has given up on his prize.

Not even understanding the looming threat, Joker comes to Tokyo to visit his good friends, but he quickly finds out that something’s incorrect once again. With the aid of Sophie (a weird lady home in ‘Jail’), the Phantom Thieves effectively decide to reassemble and bring about peace as soon as more.

At very first sight, ‘Jails’ are extremely comparable to the ‘Palaces’ of Persona 5, however there are actually some clear differences. The very first huge change is that time isn’t limited in Personality 5 Scramble. While you needed to clear a dungeon within two or 3 weeks in Personality 5, here you can take your time by entering and out the ‘Prison’ as sometimes as you desire. Calendar days alter only when a primary goal has actually been satisfied. ‘Jails’ do not disappear when you beat the regional employer. That means you can access all of the dungeons at any time, and for instance save side quests till later in your playthrough.Last but not least, you can control any character you desire on the map, not simply Joker. It’s worth pointing out that every party member is playable right from the beginning too, except for among the 2 newbies who signs up with much later in the story. ‘Prisons’ are all outdoor environments, which makes for a different type of exploration compared to Persona 5, and there are likewise cool brand-new animations for all of the characters. The method you advance through dungeons is very enjoyable and likewise less requiring (considering that time is no longer a factor), however that’s doesn’t mean Scramble will go simple on you!

That brings me onto the gameplay, which is also most likely the biggest question mark individuals have about the video game, provided the shift in category from high quality turn-based RPG to action RPG. Thankfully – and despite delving into the ‘Warriors’ formula – Persona 5 Scramble retains the spirit and fun of the Persona 5 fight system. Surprisingly, this sequel also acquires the stealth feature from Persona 5. Shadows wander around the level and the player can use areas to hide and release pre-emptive attacks. When you engage a shadow’s avatar it multiplies and you deal with lots of challengers, similar to in a standard Warriors game.

It’s probably obvious from the title, Personality 5 Scramble also features Personas, suggesting that Joker and his comrades can use their conventional magic. Each member of the Phantom Burglars can likewise strike enemies with a Showtime of its own to cause enormous damage.Joker can bear a number of Personas at as soon as, simply like in Personality 5. Personas can be obtained after fights, where there’s usually a minor chance a beat Shadow will drop a mask that will give you the matching Persona.

Envision that you’re playing Persona 5 Royal however have to take every decision in less than one second. Personality 5 Scramble is exactly that; intense fights where the action is substantially faster than in most action RPGs, despite the various possibilities offered for use in battle. R1 nevertheless does freeze time when you’re using magic, because you need to aim at a specific target.
The challenge level here is quite high from the start; characters can be KO ‘d in two or 3 hits in normal mode, so your abilities will absolutely be evaluated. I was on the verge of considering it the “Dark Souls of Warriors games”, however eventually this doesn’t hold extremely real. That’s because, curiously enough, Personality 5 Scramble is much more difficult at the beginning than at the end. Employer fights in the very first half of the video game (even random half-stage employers), for example, are a problem. Persona 5 Scramble is quicker, harder, and ultimately more gratifying than even the best Warriors games, like Fire Symbol Warriors or Samurai Warriors 4.

The smallest error results in a video game over. But with a little experience and practice you can use a few features to your advantage. Phantom Moves enable you to quickly jump on an object in the field, that makes you dodge most attacks, however you can also utilize the majority of those challenge attack. For example, you can make a car take off, or cut a chandelier down, or throw sharp blades, and even fire an extremely devastating beam. Atlus certainly hasn’t run out of ideas to entertain players. The outcome is that battles as a whole feel far more diverse than in any Warriors game I’ve played; there a lot more possibilities than simply performing combos on large groups of enemies.The Band system is also a big assistance throughout the experience. This represents the friendship level in between the Phantom Thieves, which increases after significant story occasions and also by combating and finishing side missions. Band levels approve you points that you can use in order to acquire all sorts of advantages. You can increase that stats of the group, load more ammo into firearms, or take advantage of discounts in Sophie’s store. Optimizing the Band board requires lots of hours of devotion, if not two whole playthroughs.

The best thing here is that Personality 5 Scramble isn’t just your typical Warriors game onto which developers have actually slapped a Persona 5 skin. It’s an authentic follow up, faithful to Personality 5 in terms of enjoyment and storytelling, however likewise lighter in tone. Still, there’s no genuine ‘bad person’ in Personality 5 Royal, since every villain has more or less genuine reasons for his actions and you in fact sympathize with them.

The story as an entire feels a little weaker than the one in Personality 5, and the conclusion is remarkably identical (that is to state the blame is put on today’s shallow society). In Tokyo (and certainly most of Japan), you would say “arigato”, however residents in Osaka and the Kansai region use their own dialect and it’s cool to see the game show that.While it remains greatly enjoyable throughout, Personality 5 Scramble doesn’t provide a video game experience as large or as well-paced as Persona 5 Royal. Why, Atlus, Why !? Lastly, Scramble isn’t even remotely as long as Persona 5 Royal – 30 to 40 hours are adequate to clear the main story, and the side material is rather light too.

The millions of faithful Persona fans should have better.Fans of Atlus’ legendary JRPG will be thrilled to discover in Personality 5 Scramble a true follow up. Even in a really different category, the Koei Tecmo-developed title extends Persona 5’s enjoyment in an exceptional way, and it represents much more than an easy milking of Personality 5’s universe. Personality 5 Scramble makes creative usage of the ‘Warriors’ gameplay while preserving the spirit of the initial title at all times, which includes rich mechanics and stellar storytelling.

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