Door Kickers 2 surprise-launches into Steam early gain access to

Door Kickers 2, the sequel to developer KillHouse Games’ acclaimed SWAT-themed real-time techniques effort, has surprise-launched into Steam early access.Door Kickers 2, subtitled Task Force North, was at first revealed back in 2016 for a release that exact same year. The game soon slipped out of the spotlight, just reappearing this February where a number of changes were revealed to be afoot for the sequel, consisting of a shift from 2D to 3D and a switch in focus, with players now controlling a military team in the Middle East, rather than the SWAT team of the original.” Real to the violent and dynamic nature of fight in the area,” says Killhouse on Steam, “Door Kickers 2 designs fatal dangers and technologies such as booby traps, suicide bombers, RPGs and concealed insurgents – while handing you brand-new toys such as Light Gatling gun for suppressive fire, drone reconnaissance, night vision safety glasses and wall breaching charges.” Find out more
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