Will Super Lone Survivor keep its mask mandate in place?

Lone Survivor is still my preferred game about suffering from psychosis, and as much of the world reaches month eight of government-mandated COVID-19 safety measures, it’s now shown to be one of the most prophetic also.
Even under cheerier circumstances, the game was an interesting downer, stabilizing peaceful moments of seclusion with your family pet with tense, often dreadful trips into the outdoors world. Stabilizing the need to collect supplies, try (and frequently stop working) to take care of yourself, and perhaps even put an end to all the horrible things in your life produced a video game with lots of depth, in spite of mainly taking place in little, cramped spaces. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was prophetic..
Now Lone Survivor is returning in a new engine for Switch and PC. Lone designer Jasper Byrne is remaking it from the ground up for modern consoles, and after having actually talked with him a few times for many years about his ideas and feelings about making video games, I’m nothing short of shocked. I truly believed he was done with this particular chapter in his life, however I guess if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can never make certain what our ever-changing world will inspire in us.
Jasper’s even including new scenario to the story, which will no doubt offer reflections on his experiences considering that the original title was released in2012 Search for it in 2021..

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