Valve’s Gabe Newell Is Recreating Half-Life 2’s Greatest Xbox Achievement For Charity

In Half-Life 2: Episode Two, players can encounter a garden gnome near the game’s opening. If they handle to bring everything the way to the end and location it in the spaceship before it takes off, gamers can unlock the Little Rocket Man accomplishment– an infamously complicated however extremely fun obstacle for Half-Life fans. Now, Valve creator Gabe Newell is recreating this achievement in real life for charity.Polygon is reporting that Newell is aiming to introduce a garden gnome into area as part of a Rocket Laboratory effort in New Zealand, where he’s presently staying. The gnome, called Gnome Chompski (as it is in a number of Valve video games), will be sent into space during a livestream, and audiences will require to contribute to watch.Money raised from the stream will be sent to the Paediatric Intensive Care System at Starship, an Auckland-based children’s hospital.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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