8 years later, well-known indie horror Lone Survivor is getting a remake and new situation

Developer Jasper Byrne’s acclaimed indie scary Lone Survivor is getting a remake, complete with a new circumstance, and will be making its method to PC and Change next year.Lone Survivor at first launched back in 2012, combining distinct 2D visuals with a thread of exploratory survival horror – in which gamers need to survive and stave off madness in a world ravaged by a mutagenic infection – tonally similar to Silent Hill, with a splash of woozy David-Lynch-like surrealism included.” Lone Survivor never ever once made me leap, nor did it especially disturb me, but I can’t think about another video game that’s made my heart race quite a lot upon opening a door,” composed Eurogamer contributor Lewis Denby back in 2012, “It attains this primarily through some amazing sound style … however also through immaculate pacing, abject confusion, and some significant artistry packed into the few pixels it has.” Learn more
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