Square Enix is partnering with a hardware business for a main Final Dream XIV SSD

Final Dream XIV has sent out causal sequences through the industry ever since its “Reborn” stage approximately seven years back.
Square Enix showed to the market that you might really “conserve” a game that was in peril: and I state this as somebody who experienced the original incarnation of FFXIV first-hand. It truly was a miracle what that group pulled off, recreating XIV into not only one of the very best MMOs of all time, but among the greatest RPG projects ever made.
That power has resulted in all sorts of tie-ins and partnerships, which now includes an SSD hardware run. Square Enix has announced that they’ve worked together with the producing business I-O Data to offer an “main” Last Dream XIV SSD, which is going on sale in Japan on December 2.
It’s 500 GB in size and is an external SSD via USB 3.2 Gen 1 (without a power adapter requirement). Strangely, the business even has an app called GigaCrystaPhantom that will enable a quick-transfer of FFXIV from your HDD to the brand-new SSD: which may be practical to Japanese gamers who don’t want to re-download everything.
It’ll run you 11,880 yen (approximately $115 United States) if you want it. The price is a little over market standard (a tad bit more than that figure will get you a 1TB normally), but clearly the license factors in.
SSD[I-O Data via 4Gamer]

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