BrandPost: 5 Factors to Put Your Old PCs Out to Pasture


It’s tempting with the quick increase of remote work due to COVID-19 to believe that out of sight runs out mind when it comes to your PCs. If your employees can still get on a video call, they should be working at optimum efficiency. The fact is a lot more complicated.If your company, like so many others, has a four-year PC refresh cycle, the new wave of remote work should, if anything, speed up that cycle. Even prior to the existing worldwide health crisis, users were becoming more mobile than ever in the past, raising risks around security, flexibility, efficiency and efficacy.While the preventive and voluntary remote work continues, IT staff is also facing unprecedented obstacles. Onboarding employees, supporting existing ones, and keeping systems for optimum performance are challenges they are struggling to resolve, all while attempting to stay afloat with their higher-level duties.To read this post completely, please click on this link
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