Pinnacle Legends’ newest map was a Titanfall 3 idea

It’s difficult to think it’s been 4 years considering that Titanfall 2 was launched, however that’s the turning point Respawn’s precious sci-fi shooter hit on Wednesday today. Because 2016 things have actually been pretty quiet on the mainline Titanfall front, with much of Respawn’s efforts funnelled into spin-off Apex Legends: a video game that emerged from tests for a battle royale mode in Titanfall 3, and which has because achieved a big amount of success in its own right. It appears the Titanfall sequel is continuing to affect the advancement of Peak Legends, as it turns out upcoming map Olympus was initially conceived for Titanfall 3. Season 7 of Peak Legends is bringing a raft of major changes to the video game – most significantly brand-new astrophysicist legend Horizon, community clubs, the game’s first-ever cars and drifting city-in-the-clouds Olympus. The new map really is the primary draw here, designed with verticality and automobiles in mind, and packed with the sort of opulent architecture you ‘d expect to discover in one of the richest cities in the Titanfall universe. And although deal with developing Olympus for Apex Legends started in Spring 2019, the concept itself is far older. “At one point, there was a Titanfall 3 in the works after we introduced Titanfall 2,” game director Chad Grenier informed me in an interview. “And Olympus wasn’t called Olympus at the time, but that style of map was something that we were checking out for the next Titanfall game. Read more
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